Lemon Glaze Glue


Breeder: SoFem Genetics
Strain: Lemon Glaze Glue
Genetics: Gorilla Glaze X The Matrix X Hot Glue 
Flower Time: 60 – 65 Days
Type: Hybrid
Sex: Feminized 
Amount: 3 Seeds
Freebies: None

Availability: In stock

Lemon Glaze Glue

The terpene profile on Lemon Glaze Glue is Limonene dominant. Gassy and lemony or earthy with hints of lemon depending on phenotype. Her parents are Gorilla Glaze/The Matrix x Hot Glue and she’s high-yielding and needs support by midflower or her branches will topple and possible bend or break. Using a Silica supplement in your feeding program or soil mix will help. ScrOG is recommended, and LST early with her.

Flowering time: 60-65 days

THC: 21-23%

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