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About Heavily Connected

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Genetics !

Any one can get there hands on seeds to grow or sell but sourcing out quality genetics that only a handful of people in the world has is something we specialize in. We only sell genetics we would grow our self and we pride ourselves on being able to carry exclusive genetics such as Inhouse Genetics, Lit Farms Genetics, Most Wanted Gentics and many more. 

Our Company's Experience

Combined we have a total of over 35 years experience growing indoors and  outdoors. This experience is what started us on this journey to providing the world with high quality genetics. Every grower knows the key to a good crop is starting with good healty genetics and everything we carry is tried and tested. 

Heavily Connected Canada 

Heavily Connected Canada was opened up after many years running the main Heavily Connected Seedbank to be able to cater to our Canadian customers and provide better, cheaper, and faster shipping opportunities that were previously not possible.

Heavily Connected USA

Heavily Connected is the main site that was started over 5 years ago. Canadians will still be able to order from the main site with the only difference being now Canadians will have  new opportunities to save on shipping by taking part in a weekly bulk shipment.

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